HIMAA, Health Information Managers, Clinical Coders and COVID-19

By mid March 2020 the Health Information Management Association of Australia, along with every other organisation in Australia and around the world, had to rethink the delivery of professional practice sessions in the context of a highly infectious pandemic. Subsequently all previously scheduled face-to-face meetings were cancelled and a schedule for the delivery of digital professional development content to members was implemented. This was done through a series of webinars with the first one being delivered on 23 April 2020.  On Friday 29 May 2020 a webinar titled ‘Challenges of managing health information in COVID-19 times’ was delivered.  This article discusses these challenges across a range of health services and various health information management tasks.This and other webinars are available to members for viewing at: : https://himaa.eventsair.com/MemberPortal/membership/members-portal/ContentPage/ContentPage?page=1 

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