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Emma Barker

Recent literature has found that appropriate coping mechanisms during the pandemic and lockdown are essential. Labrague and Ballad (2020) found establishing a support system, as well as individual problem-solving skills, were protective factors in resilience during the pandemic. As you may expect, different individuals have different coping strategies. Savitsky, Findling, Ereli and Hendel (2020) identified five coping behaviours demonstrated by nursing students: individual resilience (i.e. one’s ability to ‘bounce back’ after stress); gathering information (i.e. to increase COVID-19 knowledge and become more informed about current events); mental disengagement (i.e. engaging in excessive consumption of food and alcohol; or the use of drugs to distract themselves from current situations); seeking spiritual support (i.e. using spirituality and religious beliefs to deal with difficulties) and humour (i.e. finding the ‘funny’ in things and keeping themselves amused).

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