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While searching the Internet for an article recently, I came across an article by Google Australia’s Engineering Director, Alan Noble. His topic struck a chord in his opening line: “…in the corporate world there are few more irresistible – and dangerous – forces than inertia. On the road to success lie the carcasses of countless companies whose dying words were ‘but that’s how we’ve always done it…’” (Noble, 2017). This caught my interest, as I often puzzle over how the human services sectors can be so busy and so inert at the same time. Noble argued that, once an organisation gets to a certain size and maturity, the temptation to “stay put” in a state of inertia is strong (inertia being described as “the tendency of things to keep going at a certain velocity”). But the world around the organisation is anything but inert, and to stay relevant and thrive in a changing environment, innovation is a key element.

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