Communication: spreading our views and learning from each other

communicated to members, reminded me that I have lived through, and experienced many of these changes over the past 60 years! During this time, I have been kept informed, not only on how health information is collected, recorded, processed and managed, but also on other developments in health information management, as well as many other topical issues. Although I have been able to attend national conferences, Branch meetings, and professional development activities, the major continuous and reliable means of communication for me, however has been via our journals. Communicating with our members in this form, started with a very simple newsletter in 1971, which was upgraded to the Australian Medical Record Journal in 1975. A major step forward occurred in 1987 with the establishment of the first editorial board. From this beginning we now have two renowned refereed journals, the Health Information Management Journal (HIMJ) the research arm of the profession, and Health Information Management Interchange (HIM-I) the professional practice journal. Both have had, and continue to have, an important role in communicating with members. Both are important in their own right.

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The HIM-Interchange journey from inception to the ten-year anniversary

Ten years ago, Kay Bonello wrote the welcome article for the first edition of HIM-I. The creation of HIM-I began in February 2011, with the Editorial Board agreeing to separate the existing health information management journal (HIMJ) into two  entities. The enduring theme and legacy of HIM-I is the passion of health information managers, finding new horizons, sharing their knowledge and facing all challenges in an ever-changing and complex world. HIM-Interchange is the professional practice journal of our profession and showcases the differing roles in the health information management profession. 

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2020: A year in the life of health information management

History will recall 2020 as a year that brought about new challenges and massive overhauls to the very way we work, teach, socialise, and interact.  As COVID-19 lockdowns called for staying home, they also demanded new approaches to working, teaching, and learning. Speak to any Health Information Manager (HIM) and they will likely tell you the way they work has been transformed.

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